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On The Existence of Digital Objects

Yuk Hui (2016, p. 24):

The most important difference between digital objects and technical objects, in this regard, is that whereas, on one hand, digital objects have sped up the collapse of what Peter Sloterdjik characterizes as the “substantial fetishism” of occidental metaphysics, on the other hand, the concretization of digital objects has also brought us a technical system consisting of materialized relations, in which everything has the possibility to connect to other things.

Compared with earlier technical ensembles that largely relied on referential relations or signification, as we have seen in Heidegger’s example ofthe ready- to- hand, the technical system is created through digital objects (the Web) that constantly transform referential relations in material forms. At the center of this view of technical evolution is what I address

in chapter 4 under the name of “interobjectivity.” Digital objects are at the same time logical statements and sources for the formation of networks. They are not only a philosophical conceptualization but indeed concrete objects.

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